Scoop there it is!

We are thankful and so grateful to our community, who has bestowed upon us some amazing awards and recognition for all of our hard work. Thank you Arizona!


Go Straight for the Dough…and more

We get it. It’s all about those cookies Mom used to UNbake. You were the first to sneak those sweet little blobs right off the tray before they went in the oven. Come, step out of the shame shadow and get UNbaked in the light of our beautiful dessert shop.

Taste our cookie dough, unspoiled by the oven and undeniably delicious. And even better, get it with our delicious ice cream, mixed into one of our unbelievable milkshakes, or in one of our fan favorite doughwiches. We offer many, many different dessert options, so everyone will be happy!


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Peanut Butter Dough