How we got Unbaked

We’re an Arcadia family who loves our community almost as much as we love dessert. But like a lot of business owners, after a few decades in the glamorous home healthcare and mortgage industries, we were ready for a change. Unbaked cookie dough is about as different as you can get. And hell, we thought, why not invite our millennial daughter into the mix?  She was contemplating law school, but when she heard, “Unbaked Edible Cookie Dough,” it didn’t take much to convince her that this could be her life path. And let’s face it, the world definitely needs more cookie dough, not lawyers.

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We began developing different cookie dough flavors and recipes that would actually be safe to eat, unbaked. After months of whipping up and testing ingredients, we think we’re on to something pretty darn delicious! And along the way, we also discovered some blow your mind ice cream we will be sharing with you. So, our plan for Unbaked changed to edible cookie dough AND delicious ice cream! But isn’t that the way business goes?

Now, we’re just excited to share our love for desserts with you,
and hope you love getting Unbaked as much as we do.