Just the FAQs about getting Unbaked


1. Is life really better Unbaked?

Is the sky blue?  The answer is “of course.” One yummy scoop of our award-winning Unbaked edible cookie dough will make your mouth sing a song so happy, you may just burp a rainbow! Plus, we have our award-winning ice cream too, cookie dough milkshakes, baked cookies, custom ice cream sandwiches and a whole lot more!

2. Is it safe to get Unbaked?

Safer than a de-clawed kitten. We create  Unbaked cookie dough  that’s safe to eat, using no eggs and heat-treated flour.   It’s our way of saying Sayonara to Salmonella and other food-borne illnesses, and hello to a sweet scoop of divine intervention.

3. I eat like a bird and never finish dessert (said no one ever). How should I store my Unbaked cookie dough and how long will it keep?

Our Unbaked batches of pure heaven have no preservatives so they need to be frozen or stored in the refrigerator. In the fridge, Unbaked cookie dough lasts about 3 weeks; frozen buys you 3 months. Just ask for a dome or flat lid before you leave the store.

4. What if I want to eat my feelings no matter where I go? Can I travel with my Unbaked cookie dough?

Raw cookie dough should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Before you travel, we suggest you freeze it and then keep it in a cooler until you get to your destination.

5. What if I feel rebellious and want to bake my Unbaked? What will happen to me?

We applaud your rebel ways, but suggest you not bake your Unbaked edible cookie dough. We don’t use eggs in our Unbaked edible doughs and cooking them MAY lead to a melty puddle on your cookie sheet. If you need some lovin’ from the oven, get your rebel self some of our FUNbaked cookies. Or…if you prefer dough to bake, call ahead and we can provide you what you need for all your baking needs, in regular or gluten-free flavors.

6. Can Unbaked edible cookie dough & ice cream  cater my party?

We thought you’d never ask! We have a wide variety of dessert options for helping you make your event the best ever because you are serving Unbaked! Call or text us at (480) 421-8089, email us at catering@getunbaked.com, or click on the Catering tab above, and let’s DOUGH this!

7. What about ordering my Unbaked cookie dough & ice cream ahead of time and picking it up later?

Of course you can!  We can provide advance orders, giant or small, to take home, or to your office or event. Simply click the Order tab and you can pre-schedule, or pick it up now! We even offer curbside service. Contact-less payment, no line, and we bring your desserts straight to your car! What else can you ask for?!? In addition, we also offer Postmates, Door Dash and Grub Hub to deliver right to your door locally.

Very large orders may require additional time. You may call the store directly at (480) 912-5490 with any questions.

We also have our Custom & Catering line at (480) 421-8089 (call/text), or email us at catering@getunbaked.com, and we can design your own dream dessert, just for you and your event.

8. Where can I park while I get Unbaked?

We are located at 2nd Street and Scottsdale Road, in the 2nd Street Hub, and there are so many options. And they’re all FREE!

  • You can park in our 2nd St Hub parking lot, just north of our shop, between our building and Shin Bay/Sizzle and it’s free all the time…you do not need to valet at night, simply park your own car.
  • The Rack ‘huge’ parking lot just south of our shop. We’ll give you your air garage code, the lot requires, when you check out.
  • Street parking on 2nd Street, as well as on Bishop Street (behind us).
  • Old Town Parking Corral on 2nd Street just east of Scottsdale Road

9. Can I order Unbaked Online?

Heck yeah you can! Simply click on the Order tab and you can order whatever you want to pick up now, or schedule it for pick up later. We even offer curbside, so you get to skip the line, AND never have to leave your car! Amazing! Locally you may also order online through Postmates, Uber Eats, Door Dash and Grub Hub as well.

10. Do you have any gluten-free desserts?

We have two glorious gluten-free cookie doughs, waiting to be ordered by  glorious, gluten- free you! We rotate our GF flavors occasionally, so call or visit us to find out the latest. We also offer gluten-free chocolate  chip cookies, multiple gluten-free ice creams flavors, and gluten free cookie dough  milkshakes and floats! You can even get our Half Baked GF! Although these items are all gluten free, and we’re careful to prevent cross-contamination, they are all prepared in the same kitchen as all of our products.

11. Do you have vegan cookie dough?

Indeed, we do, just for you! We have our house favorite vegan Chocolate Chip dough. And…we also offer gluten-free AND vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip dough, and Oatmeal Cinnamon. YUM! Flavors can vary, so call to confirm availability.

12. I have nut allergies. Do your perfect Unbaked desserts contain nuts?

The answer is maybe. We offer a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough, and occasionally tree nut mix-ins in our ice cream recipes, as well as a peanut topping. We try to be very careful and prevent cross-contamination, but everything is prepared in the same kitchen.  If you have anaphylactic allergies, we urge you to use your own discretion.

13. One last thing and it involves a chicken…

Our edible cookie doughs do NOT contain eggs. If you wander into Unbaked edible cookie dough & ice cream and decide what you really need is a baked cookie, please note that our baked cookies (also delicious and awesome), are made from different doughs that do contain eggs.