Just the FAQs about getting Unbaked


1. Is life really better Unbaked?

Is the sky blue?  The answer is “of course.” One, gooey, yummy, scoop of our Unbaked cookie dough, will make your mouth sing a song so happy, you might just burp a rainbow. Plus, we have ice cream. Just sayin.

2. Is it safe to get Unbaked?

Safer than a de-clawed kitten. We create  Unbaked cookie dough  that’s safe to eat, using heat-treated flour and no eggs.   It’s our way of saying Sayonara to Salmonella and other food-borne illnesses and hello to a sweet scoop of divine intervention.

3. I eat like a bird and never finish dessert (said no one ever). How should I store my Unbaked dough and how long will it keep?

Our Unbaked batches of pure heaven have no preservatives so they need to be frozen or stored in the refrigerator. In the fridge, Unbaked cookie dough lasts about 3 weeks; frozen buys you 3 months.

4. What if I want to eat my feelings no matter where I go? Can I travel with my Unbaked cookie dough?

Raw cookie dough should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Before you travel, we suggest you freeze it and then keep it in a cooler until you get to your destination.

5. What if I feel rebellious and want to bake my Unbaked? What will happen to me?

We applaud your rebel ways, but suggest you not bake your Unbaked cookie dough. We don’t use eggs in our Unbaked doughs and cooking them may be lead to a melty puddle on your cookie sheet. If you need some lovin’ from the oven, get your rebel self some of our FUNbaked cookies.

6. Can Unbaked Edible Cookie Dough cater my party?

We thought you’d never ask.  We have a variety of options for helping you make your event the best ever because you are serving Unbaked cookie dough. Call us, let’s dough this.

7. What about ordering my Unbaked dough ahead of time and picking it up later?

Of course, you can puddin’ pop!  While we are not catering events yet, we can provide custom advance orders, giant or small, to take home. Call or email us and we’ll dish your Unbaked cookie dough right up.

8. Where can I park while I get Unbaked?

You can park at the 2nd St Hub lot next to our shop, or across the street at 2nd Street and Brown Avenue, in the Old Town Parking Corral. It’s all free. Look who’s parking! It’s you!

9. Can I order Unbaked Online?

We are working on adding this option. Be patient with us, gum drop. For now, please come see us in person at our Old Town Scottsdale store to get Unbaked cookie dough. We’re dying to catch up.

10. Do you have any gluten-free cookie dough flavors?

We have 2 glorious, gluten free, Unbaked cookie doughs waiting to be ordered by  glorious, gluten free you: Oatmeal Cinnamon and Peanut Butter. No tummy aches on our watch.

11. Do you have vegan cookie dough?

Indeed, we do, just for you! Hey that rhymes. A poem and a vegan chocolate chip cookie dough? You are special!

12. I have nut allergies. Does your perfect Unbaked cookie dough contain nuts?

The answer is maybe. We offer a peanut butter cookie dough and various tree nut mix-ins. We try to be very careful and prevent cross-contamination, but everything is prepared in the same kitchen.  If you have anaphylactic allergies we urge you to use your own discretion.

13. One last thing and it involves a chicken…

If you amble into Unbaked Edible Cookie Dough and decide what you really need is a baked cookie, please note that our baked cookies (also delicious and awesome) are made from different doughs that contain eggs.